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Our priority is trap-neuter-return, or TNR. TNR is the only humane practice proven to reduce community cat populations in the long-term. TNR allows community cats, including feral cats, to live out their lives without contributing to the population. TNR prevents the suffering of thousands of kittens every year.

You can read more about TNR and why it's so critical at the ASPCA.

Our foster home program runs side-by-side with our TNR program.

PUFF is a foster-based rescue,  focused on feral cat, orphaned kittens, and senior cats. Cats in foster are able to become healthy, confident, friendly pets in the comfort of a loving home, rather than a stressful shelter environment.

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Community cats need help all across the country, but resources aren't evenly distributed. Some states have an abundance of resources, while others are a rescue desert.


PUFF is building a network of cat rescues and animal shelters across the country needing bridges to one another. We can save more lives together, in union.


PUFF is connected with several rescues and shelters across the USA, allowing us to share the resource wealth with rescuers in under-served areas.

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