COVID-19 has had an immeasurable impact on all of our lives, including the lives of community cats. Many businesses such as veterinarians, shelters, and rescues have had to shut down or adjust their business operations to adapt.
To continue to be able to rescue cats and find their forever homes, we have put the following procedures into place to keep you and our volunteers as safe as possible:
1. No-contact adoptions
-As PUFF is a foster-based rescue, we have no physical headquarters and adoptions take place at the volunteer foster's home. Effective immediately, all adoptions will take place outdoors.
-Adopters and volunteers are to wear cloth or surgical face coverings over both nose and mouth, and must maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance. Either may ask the other to wear gloves.
-Volunteers will have hand sanitizer, disinfectant, surgical masks, and gloves available.
-Adopters will provide the volunteer with a carrier(s), and the volunteer will retrieve the cat(s).
-Adoption counseling will be conducted via Google Hangouts, Zoom, or FaceTime, whichever is preferable to the adopter.
2. No-contact paperwork
-PUFF operates paperlessly wherever possible. Adoption paperwork such as applications, contracts, and certificates are completed online. Any documents requiring signatures are sent to the adopter's email via Eversign.
-Hard copies of necessary paperwork, e.g. vet records, rabies certificate, will be provided by the volunteer at adoption.

Thank you for choosing to adopt from PUFF! We're so happy to connect you and your new fur baby and can't wait to see you on adoption day- from 6 feet away!

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