Image of a Siamese kitten, with cream-colored fur and a brown face and blue eyes. He is looking off-camera to the left.


paws up for felines

Changing the world for community cats

PUFF envisions a world where community cats are safe, healthy, and cared for  by their communities.

We rescued 22 cats in 2020 with our life-saving work. Help us touch even more lives in 2021 by donating today!

Image of a black and white tuxedo kitten. The kitten is laying on a person's lap and looking straight at the camera.

Our programs

Our Trap-Neuter-Return, fostering, and new networking programs are saving cats all across the US!

An image of a black and white tuxedo adult cat. The cat is laying on her side and facing the camera. A person is scratching the cat's chin.

Get involved

From TNR trapping, to fostering, to social media, volunteers keep PUFF going. Volunteer with us!

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For questions about volunteering, adopting, or whatever's on your mind, send us an email using the form below!

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An image of a tri-color 'tortoiseshell' cat laying on her side sleeping on a white blanket.

Our mission

PUFF Cat Rescue, Inc. is committed to helping community cats, by promoting humane education and care to improve cats' lives and engage communities. PUFF works to manage feline overpopulation by reducing the number of stray and feral cats living outdoors through a proven and effective method called Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). PUFF also strives to reduce the number of cats facing euthanasia in shelters by providing a foster home for the most vulnerable felines, including orphaned kittens, sick and disabled cats, and senior cats.

Image of a badge depicting a partnership between PUFF and Doobert. Badge states: Doobert, animal rescue made simple. Approved organization. Organization number 4731. PUFF Cat Rescue, Inc. Expires April 30th 2021.